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With over 35 years of experience in the distribution business, Advanced Distribution and Logistics can diagnose and find a solution to your company’s warehousing, fulfilment, and logistics demands.

Industries We Serve

And a few examples of the many products we’ve had come through our distribution center. We handle all aspects of fulfillment including returns.


Many automotive companies are powered by warehousing, trucking, and 3PL logistics companies and rely on strategic automotive logistics solutions to ensure their supply chain operates efficiently and effectively, freeing valuable resources

Children’s Toys

At AD&L, we are the perfect partner for setting up customized logistics solutions for your toys business.With our special logistics infrastructure – tailored to the unique needs of the toy industry, we provide top-notch quality, efficient, and fast delivery to both end consumers and retailers.


Our third-party medical logistics services support your unique logistics requirements through every step of the process with dedicated resources.

Housing Hardware

At AD&L we warehouse a large assortment of doors, windows, and other hardware. Inventory overstocks and returns are not a problem for our dedicated staff.


The Apparel Logistics Group exists to serve customers in the fashion apparel industry from manufacturer to retailer. As a leading third party logistics company, we can provide customized solutions that fit your unique apparel needs.

Outdoor/Hobbyist Supplies

Outdoor furniture, fireplaces, and play equipment

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