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At Advanced Distribution and Logistics we pride ourselves in our loyalty to and satisfaction of our customers.

We provide warehousing and distribution services to all sizes and types of businesses. Our experience of over 35 years in warehouse and fulfilment services allows us to quickly recognize your needs and deliver an exceptional solution.

Our distribution center is in a central location (inside the Twin Cities Loop off of 35 East and 694) and can accommodate both small and large shipments. 80,000 square feet and 10 dock doors enables us to offer advanced solutions such as LTL (less than load) and Cross Docking.
Our expertise and use of the latest in warehousing technology allows us to quickly and efficiently receive, sort, and kitted and re-packaged before being shipped to retailers or directly to your customers. While we’re handling the logistics you are able to keep track of your orders in real time using cutting-edge warehouse management systems. Our cloud based software can integrate with your company’s systems and processes and be accessed via a customer portal so you can track inventory, order times, shipment/processing confirmation and more.

Advanced Distribution and Logistics is committed to providing superior customer service, no matter what the size of your needs. We listen. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations and deliver your business.

Our expertise in logistics, our advanced inventory tracking and management systems, and the 10 dock doors at our distribution fulfilment center allows us at ADL to offer our customers customised Cross-Docking solutions. Cross-Docking is the direct unloading and loading of freight without storage; executed correctly cross-docking can reduce cost, handling risks, and decrease shipping times.


Advanced Distribution & Logistics is a paramount solution provider by focusing on customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our goal is to provide a convenient and effortless customer experience every time.

By maintaining our focus on excellent customer service, ADL is a proven leader in the 3PL industry, as well as fulfilling clients’ distribution and warehousing needs throughout the world.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.


  • Our new facility at 3230 Spruce Street has 80,000 square feet.
  • Serve customer needs with bulk and rack storage.
  • 10 dock doors to handle multiple trucks at once.
  • We use the latest technology that has allowed us to reduce our use of paper