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ADL provides customers with state of the art technology including services and support of a full-featured Warehouse Management System designed to automate any and all of the operations and tasks within the warehouse. We use wireless computing and barcode technology to capture information in real-time providing fast and accurate information. The system automates all the inbound operations – receiving, quality control, returns, putaway – as well as all the outbound operations – picking, kitting, packing and shipping. ADL can handle your needs!

Some of the specific features of the ADL WMS system which benefit customers include:

  • Complete order management
  • Lot and Serial Number Control
  • Wave building
  • Powerful searching criteria
  • Multiple stock rotation: FIFO, FEFO, LIFO
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Automated allocation
  • Cycle counting and physical inventory
  • Order consolidation
  • Load building
  • Ship lane assignment
  • EDI Capability
  • E-portal for customers
  • View inventory online
  • Create orders and view status
  • View reports
  • Cycle Counting
Reporting capabilities including:
  • Invoice – 3PL tasks and costs
  • Count Sheet – Preparation sheet for counting
  • Count Results – Compiled results of count
  • Account List – All accounts
  • Inventory by LP – Warehouse inventory, ordered by LP
  • Warehouse Inventory – Overall warehouse inventory
  • Material by Owner – Warehouse inventory, ordered by LP, filtered by owner
  • Material List – All materials
  • Material Report – Warehouse inventory by LP, for a specific owner and material
  • Receiving Worksheet – A blank preparation sheet for receiving
  • Bill of Lading – A BOL for outbound shipments
  • Contents Slip – A packing slip for outbound shipments
  • Pack Slip: confirmed – A packing slip for outbound shipments
  • Pack Slip: Unconfirmed – A packing slip for outbound shipments
  • Pick Slip – A list of pick tasks that have to be confirmed for shipment